We are known as the DISRUPTORS
Disrupting the Legal Industry One Product at a time since 2000

What we are best at?

Our Vision – The Driving Force

Integrating Digital and Technology into Profession of Law. Help users increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and generate value for their organization.

Feather in our Cap

Revolutionizing legal research and Pioneering online legal research in India since 2000.
One of the very few profitable pure play internet companies in legal and business information, search, analytics and technology space.

Where can you find us?
Head Quartered in NOIDA

Founder & CEO

Mr. Deepak Kapoor. Having always worked in green field ventures (i.e. what Startups were called in the 90’s) and with a knack for
delving into unchartered territories, Deepak has sculpted and led the growth of brand Manupatra.

Our Clients

Corporate, Professionals, Government, Academic Institutions, Consultants, Lawyers, Law Firms and Students.

Our Story

Starting with a two-member team in the year 2000, Manupatra paved the way for the shift to online legal research in India. In the process it pioneered and spawned an entirely new industry, engaging the interest of both Indian and International players. Manupatra Team today has grown to a 150+ strong member team, with a nationwide sales office network across 19 cities, which ensures that our subscribers have on ground support 365 days of the year. We also provide gainful employment to over 250 lawyers and individuals who rely on us for business.

Our teams combine unparalleled legal and business information with analytics, cutting edge information retrieval technology, machine learning, natural language processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence to deliver powerful, new decision making tools to our global users. More than this, our extended team consists of our stakeholder, the judiciary, the legal fraternity and the law students who use our products and give their valuable feedback, giving us the chance to create our products the way they want to use it.

Our Portfolio – What we have Created

The company has grown and diversified its portfolio, setting benchmarks as a pioneer for others to follow:


Our flagship product, pioneered the electronic accessibility and search of legal, statutory, regulatory, procedural and business documents. In addition to the most comprehensive and exhaustive database, Manupatra provides industry leading search and tools to make legal research easier, faster and more intuitive.

  • Lawyers, Law Firms, Judiciary, Government, Corporate Legal Departments, Law Students trust Manupatra
  • We help the lawyers and professionals navigate the law faster and smarter.
  • Legal Analytics which is a visualization tool using AI has become one of our most sought-after properties.


Is an Enterprise Mobility Solution for Law Practice Management, Corporate Legal Department , Operations and Project Management. It has been designed extensively and intrinsically to provide seamless workflow collaboration and communication. myKase enables businesses and practice to respond to business demands in a more agile and productive way from anywhere. Solutions offered:

  • Litigation Management Platform
  • Litigation Tracking & Discovery
  • Corporate Legal Solution
  • Notice Management
  • Vendor Management


  • Case Tracking tool designed to provide operational efficiency to lawyers and law firms, to keep a track of their cases online, and never miss a deadline.
  • Platform to carry out Litigation and Credit Check Verification for individuals and companies.
  • Matter Discovery Platform


Is the e-learning initiative of Manupatra. A self-paced, e-learning platform which promotes Continuing Professional Development.


Manupatra brings pioneering digital legal research technology for the first time to Bangladesh with BDLex. BDLex provides a single point source of accessing diverse Bangladesh Legal and Business knowledge that helps users make critical decisions.


The sustainability of your company is directly dependent on the strength of your Legal & Compliance Team. To support your team in their compliance activities, Manupatra has conceived and developed Manucomply- an End to End Compliance Management System, to Identify, View, Monitor and Meet Compliances.

  • Quality Data and Online Management System
  • Enhances organization, efficiency, and productivity
  • Minimizing expenditure and Maximizing profits
  • Compliance Due Diligence
  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Multi-Location Access
  • Reports Exportable in PDF/XLS

Technology - Our Backbone

With over 20 years experience in building software platforms and enterprise mobility solutions, our team possesses the capability to
design and develop technology products that can streamline business processes and grow revenue.

All our product solutions have been developed in-house and our Technology Division is responsible for development of Solutions for the Law, Academic,
Corporate & Government verticals across Desktop, Mobile and SaaS.

The software development team uses the agile development methodology to build and deploy the solution quickly while adhering to the best industry
standards and practices. The team has delivered products for MNCs, Government, Corporates and Individuals.

Few of the Applications developed are Desktop Application, Enterprise Search Platform , Analytics, Database Management, Web Development, Mobile Applications, SaaS, Voice Enabled Skills, Cognitive Computing (AI/Machine Learning) , Customer Experience (UI/UX).

Write to us at contact@manupatra.com