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MANUPATRA: Revolutionizing legal research for over two decades!

Legal Research has undergone metamorphosis; from immersing oneself in voluminous books and reams of paper to revolutionary online legal research. We at Manupatra, have been at the helm of this paradigm shift to Online Legal Research in India.

We are the largest content aggregator of Indian and International legal documents, linking primary and secondary information using the latest artificial intelligence tools. We offer over 2 million judgments from the Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals, and 14 International courts, over and above a comprehensive database of Central & State Acts, Business Policies, Bills, Notification & Circulars, and others.

Our database continues to grow daily, as we update the everyday legal documents issued by the multiple Courts and the Central and State Governments.


Starting with a two-member team in the year 2000, Manupatra paved the way for the shift to online legal research in India. Little did we know then, that we had embarked, not only to establish a company but to also pioneer an entirely new industry. It is both exciting and gratifying to witness not just our own growth, but to see that our efforts have spawned a growing industry, engaging the interest of both Indian and International players.

We are proud of having grown to a 150+ strong member team, with a nationwide sales office network across 19 cities, which ensures that our subscribers have on ground support 365 days of the year. We also provide gainful employment to over 250 individuals who rely on us for business. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing the best service and support to our users worldwide.


We strongly believe that our products should strengthen every lawyer’s practice. By making accessible our pioneering analytical and research tools, we ensure that quality legal research is no longer the domain of the privileged.

By making the same tools and information available to all, we have levelled the playing field to a large extent for various stakeholders. The use of technology and a user friendly interface has made the search experience more intuitive, more organic, and faster for our subscribers.


To keep up with the evolving technology and needs of our users, we undertook major product upgrades to provide the best to our subscribers. The integration of proprietary analytical and research tools with the Manupatra database, has helped us harness the power of advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing(NLP). We have adopted these to provide a suite of tools that make the research experience of our users unique and extraordinary.

Legal Analytics, today, has become one of our most sought-after properties. Our analytics platform crunches case data and judgments, presenting new insights into the disposition of judges, lawyers, courts, towards the subjects of lawsuits. It then visually presents these findings as a blueprint of trends and patterns of how judges and advocates have acted in similar cases in the past and hypothesizes how they will act in the future. Over and above this we are proud to offer features like cross-referencing, visualization options, and editorial support to our subscribers.

These are being used in Judgment Prediction & Risk Assessment which is set to revolutionise the legal industry in the coming years.


Combining a comprehensive database with tools that have set industry benchmarks has made Manupatra the preferred solution partner for legal decision support. We service clients across industries including- Legal, Educational, Financial, Taxation, Accounting, Risk Management, Banking, Consulting, Law Enforcement, IP, Media Rights, and Policy. Our products are built on latest technology and our service support beats anyone else in the industry. We have a demonstrated history of growth raising the industry standards and the potential to maintain this momentum in the future.


  • The largest repository of verified, editorially enhanced, admissible in court, legal data.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all Indian and over 14 International Courts.
  • A perfect blend of law and technology- analytics, visualizations, integrated citations, news alerts, and behavioral blueprints of judges and lawyers.
  • Cutting edge technology- leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Search.
  • Integrations for Outlook, Word, and Notepad and more to come.
  • Cross-referenced and hyperlinked content for faster and relevant searches.
  • App for on-the-go access.

We are a service-based solution backed by the latest legal technology that helps you work smarter, search faster, and decide better.


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