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Login & Reach directly to the most used functions of Manupatra

At the time of login, go directly to the most used function in Manupatra. These functions are available as the drop down.

Cited in Para

This feature will enable users to see the relevant paragraphs in various judgments, where the current case has been referred.

Click on Cited in Para link appearing on top of the judgment. This link will only appear in judgments which have been referred in other judgments.

Fig 1

Clicking on Cited in Para opens up a page which lists all judgments where the subject Vishaka case has been referred.

Fig 2

Click on plus (+) sign appearing against a case name. This expands to display the specific paragraphs where the current case is mentioned.

Fig 3

Save your research time further, as you no longer have to search for various judgments in which your subject has been referred. You get a ready listing of the judgments along with the specific paragraph/s where the subject case has been mentioned. Read the para or jump to the full text of the judgment through a ready link.

New Judge Analytics

Judge Analytics ( New ) is now being displayed, it is showing  3 panels.

Panel 1-  Judgment Authored : showing cases authored by the selected Judge

Panel 2-  Judgment Cited : showing cases cited by the selected judge.

Panel 3 – Court/Judge Cited : showing  court wise- Judgment cited by the selected judge  & their details, also shows judges (no of cases) cited by him in his judgments.

User can also search within the judgments authored by a judge and can sort those results by relevance, title, court, Date of decision etc.  


Manupatra Taxonomy is a hierarchical structure which lists the topics and the sub topics under that. The aim is that each topic covered, broadly reflects the terms associated with it as a user might expect to find it in major textbooks. It will aid the user in choosing keywords consistently and appropriately.

The structure is created by identifying basic concepts and topics. These concepts and topics do not necessarily represent a complete subject area but define groupings of terms with similar characteristics. It is like a map which will help a user locate what they are looking for.

  • First level displays the Subjects of taxonomy
  • On click of + button it will list the Sub Topics, to directly go to the judgments under a Sub Topic click on > button.
Please Note: 

Judgments appearing under each sub topic is not an exhaustive list on the topic. These are considered important by our editors. 

To look for more judgments click on Cited in Manu. This will give you list of judgments where the subject judgment has been cited in, to help you identify similar cases.

In case of any clarification, please feel free to get in touch.

Sticky Note Features

Additional options have been added to the sticky note feature. You can now access all your sticky notes documents from ‘My Saved Docs’.

  • While creating your sticky note document it will ask you to save it in a folder , if you do not choose a  folder, it will  get saved in  ‘My Folder’ by default else it will save in your chosen folder.
  • You can access the same documents from ‘My Saved Docs’.
  • All your old sticky note documents are added and is available in the “My folder” section.
  • you can identify  a sticky note document in your saved docs section by the sticky note icon across  the document (refer to image Below)
  • You can also print/email a sticky note document (one at a time) from the folder.
  • Sticky note documents can now be accessed from Manupatra App as well.

Subject Category

In Legal search a new search field  “Subject category” has been introduced. This will search for judgments wherein the subject category is mentioned.

Subject category Is a categorization  given by Supreme Court to some of their pronounced judgments.

The subject category field can be used individually or  in combination with other legal search fields.

Search on this field will be restricted to judgments which have this field. 

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