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The Battery Rickshaw “Crisis” in New Delhi

This paper uses a case study of battery rickshaws in New Delhi as a lens through which to view the p....

Author: Simon Harding   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Uncertain Precedents And The Propensity To Litigate

Efficiency, being an extremely elusive concept, has been scrutinised time and again by economists an....

Author: Nikita Kapoor   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

The Enduring Values Of The Constitution

It is indeed a great pleasure and honour for me to visit this historic place. I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for bestowing me with this rare honour of sharing the exalted d....

Author: Justice Sonam Tobgye   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Going that Extra Mile: Arriving at ‘Efficient’ Regulations for Doping in Sport

This paper has as its premise two sets of classifications: that of the sports market into two market....

Author: Tulika Paul   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Disgust Or Equality? Sexual Orientation And Indian Law

The landscape of same-sex laws around the world has been changing rapidly. In the U.S., although sod....

Author: Martha C. Nussbaum   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Measuring Constitutional Case Salience In The Indian Supreme Court

In recent years, the Indian Supreme Court has begun deciding many important constitutional cases in ....

Author: Chintan Chandrachud   Year: 2014 /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Book Review Churning The Earth: The Making Of Global India

Churning the Earth is a frank and thorough exploration of the impact of globalization on India

Author: Armin Rosencranz   Year: 2013 /Vol: Volume 5 |  Subject: Environment |  (Academic Journals)

Bhopal Gas Tragedy -- Paternalism And Filicide

This article analyzes the failure of the Indian state in providing compensation to victims of the Bh....

Author: Ms. Shruti Rajagopalan   Year: 2013 /Vol: Volume 5 |  Subject: Civil |  (Academic Journals)

The Informal Constitution — Unwritten Criteria In Selecting Judges For The Supreme Court Of India

With the passing of the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act of 2014, and the recent challe....

Author: Tasneem Deo   Year: 2013 /Vol: Volume 5 |  Subject: Constitution |  (Academic Journals)

From Bhopal To Saha -- The Elusive Promise Of Effective Legal Remedy

I would like to express my appreciation to Vice Chancellor Ishwara Bhat and his colleagues, for inviting me to deliver the second Shri M.K. Nambyar Memorial Lecture, and to the donor, Mr. K.K. Venug....

Author: Marc Galanter   Year: 2013 /Vol: Volume 5 |  Subject: Law of Torts |  (Academic Journals)