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The Good, The Bad, And The Adulterous - Criminal Law And Adultery In India

Adultery is a crime in India, punishable with up to five years imprisonment under Section 497 of the....

Author: Abhinav Sekhri   /Vol: Volume 10 |  Subject: Criminal |  (Academic Journals)

The “Illegal Immigrant” Identity and its Fragments— From “Enemy Foreigner” to “Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrant” in (post) Colonial India

This article focuses on the fragmented “illegal immigrant” identity in (post)colonial India. Employing a critical postcolonial lens, it provides a genealogical investigation of the legality surroundin....

Author: Archit Guha   /Vol: Volume 12 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Freedom to be - Assessing the Claims of LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

In refugee status assessment, the process ofproving the ‘trutlo’ of one’s sexual orientation (and proving tloat one will be persecuted on account of tlois) is often infected by tloe cultural biases o....

Author: Douglas Mcdonald   /Vol: Volume 10 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Braving Crocodiles With Kali - Being A Prawn Seed Collector And A Modern Woman In The 21st Century Sundarbans

Globalisation has undoubtedly shaped popular conceptions of gender and society in innumerable ways.

Author: Annu Jalais   /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Imperative Values Of A Logical Forgiveness

Philosophers have long struggled with providing a coherent account of the idea of forgiveness

Author: Abhayraj Naik   /Vol: Volume 6 |  Subject: Civil |  (Academic Journals)

Sarendibs Sorrow -- Sri Lankas Continuing Conflict

Horace Walpole, the 4th Earl of Orfo1d(24 September 1717 — 2 March 1797) coined the Word 'serendipit' in one of his numerous letters, and credited the derivation to a ‘silly fairy tale’ that he had re....

Author: Abhayraj Naik   /Vol: Volume 4 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

The Maoist Movement and the Indian State - Mediating Peace

The Naxalite Movement started out as an outburst against an exploitative system which has remained a....

Author: G Haragopal   /Vol: Volume 8 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Pharmaceutical Patents And Healthcare

An essay on how the post-T.R.I.P.S. regime relating to pharmaceutical patenting in India affects iss....

Author: Abhayraj Naik   /Vol: Volume 2 |  Subject: Intellectual Property Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Is Law just a Means to an End

In all modern legal systems, lawyers and politicians have become used to thinking of law as an instrument for achieving chosen purposes — whether these purposes are chosen by government (as public pol....

Author: Roger Cotterrel   /Vol: Volume 4 |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Law And The Common Good

I Brian Tamahana s ”l_aw as a Means to an End; Threat to the Rule of Law,” selected last year for special honour by the Association of American Pub]jshe1s, is a book about an allegedly dangerous tran....

Author: Ofer Raban   /Vol: Volume 4 |  Subject: Constitution |  (Academic Journals)