Source: The Socio-Legal Review Results: 92

A Bio-political Perspective On Intersexuality And Disability In Discourses Of Law

Intersexuality and disability are disparate identity categories. In mainstream social discourses, however, these two identities are often confused to  ...Read More

By: Arpita Das | | Miscellaneous

Aadhaar: Wrong Number, Or Big Brother Calling?

Aadhar, touted by its supporters as the ultimate tech solution to India’s development problems, failed to bring the UPA back to power. Despite having  ...Read More

By: Kalyani Menon Sen | | Human Rights

Aging, Gender And Poverty -- The Case Of A Slum In Bangalore

Studies on the relationship between ageing and gender relations typically focus on comparing the condition of elderly women with that of elderly men.  ...Read More

By: Sarayu Pani | | Civil

An Unclear Empiricism: A Review Of The Death Penalty India Report

Empirical studies on death row populations, often exploring effects of socio-economic or racial marginalization, are not uncommon across several lega  ...Read More

By: Kunal Ambasta | | Criminal

Battered Women: The Gendered Notion Of Defences Available

Battered Women Syndrome is a psychological theory propounded by Dr. Lenore Walker that explains why battered women who are compelled to kill their pa  ...Read More

By: Keerthana Medarametla | | Criminal

Blurred Lines – Between The Artist And His Art

Political beings as we are, our work often becomes a looking glass through which the world sees. Try as liberal theory might to separate the public f  ...Read More

By: Manasi Gandhi | | Human Rights

Book Review - A Liberal Theory Of International Justice

The idea of the State as the perceived state of normality seems to be the central theme the book pursues, in order to deem the relevance and successe  ...Read More

By: Parvathi Menon | | International Law

Book Review -- Anupama Roy, Mapping Citizenship In India

Roy’s argument seems to be that while the legal constitutional language of citizenship in India has oscillated ambivalently between encompassment an  ...Read More

By: Shylashri Shankar | | Constitution

Braving Crocodiles With Kali - Being A Prawn Seed Collector And A Modern Woman In The 21st Century Sundarbans

Globalisation has undoubtedly shaped popular conceptions of gender and society in innumerable ways.  ...Read More

By: Annu Jalais | | Women and Child rights

Changing Rights To Family Life : Biolegalities In The Globalization Of Reproduction

This article focuses on Australian court practices that concern the legalization of parenthood for children born out of overseas surrogacy arrangemen  ...Read More

By: Sonja Van Wichelen | | Miscellaneous
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