Source: International Journal of Criminal Investigation Results: 68

Aspects Regarding Certain Methods For Profiling

Using some specific methods of diagnosis the psychologists make the personality profile of a subject that is a sketch of the personality structure. I  ...Read More

By: Stefania Georgeta Ungureanu | | International Law

Aspects regarding the Notion of "Privacy” and the relationship between the Right to Life of the Fetus and the Right to Privacy of the Pregnant Woman

The right to privacy is protected both in terms of national and international legislation, being established in a series of legal documents. However,  ...Read More

By: Mihaela Rotaru | | Human Rights

Cellular Autolysis in Intrapartum Death. Some Structural Characteristics

Asphyxia is one of the implicit causes of intrapartum death. The most affected are the organs of respiratory and digestive systems, filled with diffe  ...Read More

By: Vasile Sirbu, Dana Silvia Goldstein | | International Law

Combating Sexual Offences In Romanian Criminal Law. Efforts To Raise The Standards

Sexual offences represent very serious violations of individual rights and that is why all national legislations include consistent provisions in ord  ...Read More

By: Mirela Gorunescu | | International Law

Comparative Dna Degradation In Bones Fragments

The aim of this study is to follow the changes that occur, in time, at DNA level and to establish an efficient and reliable protocol for ancestral DN  ...Read More

By: Lucian Gorgan, Radu Druica, Andrei Stefan, Mitica Ciorpac | | Miscellaneous

Compliance With The Family Life Right In The European Court Of Human Rights Jurisprudence

In the Court jurisprudence, the term “family life” includes three major types of causes: those involving parent-child relations, those relating to fa  ...Read More

By: Bogdan Tonea , Amalia Nitu | | International Law

Concept Approach Of The Human-computer In Voice Processing Field

This paper aims to study the way to produce speech through mathematical analysis and graphical representation of the fundamental tone period and the  ...Read More

By: Anne-marie Claudia Dumbrava | | Miscellaneous

Considerations About Extradition

Extradition is one of the forms of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters which can be defined as the procedure by which a sovereign  ...Read More

By: Iacob Adrian | | International Law

Considerations on Informational Warfare

Strictly military information warfare can be defined as all informational operations at tactical, operational and strategic level, in peacetime, cris  ...Read More

By: Stefania Georgeta Ungureanu | | International Law

Considerations On The Main Tactical Procedures Used In Interview Of The Accused/defendant In Cases Of Homicide

The interview of suspects in cases of homicide investigations are often the most important pieces when referring to evidence gathering. The investiga  ...Read More

By: Ioan-liviu Taut | | International Law
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