Journal: Trade Law and Development Results: 125

(Are) Government(s) Pro-‘Cure’(Ment)? The WTO and Beyond

Policies on regulating public procurement markets emerged as a necessary response to the patronization of corruption, inefficient use of taxpayer’s m  ...Read More

By: Ali Amerjee | | International Law

‘Fragmentation’ And ‘Judicialization’ of International Law as Dialectic Strategies for Reforming International Economic Law

International economic law (IEL) continues to evolve through dialectic processes of unilateral, bilateral, regional and worldwide regulation. The hum  ...Read More

By: Ernst-ulrich Petersmann | | International Law

‘Naming, Shaming and Filing’: Harnessing Indian Capacity for WTO Dispute Settlement

Developing countries generally lack human and institutional capacity for analyzing the compatibility of trade measures taken by themselves and by oth  ...Read More

By: James J Nedumpara | | International Law

2010 – 2011: Taking The Road Less Travelled

I look back on the two years since Trade, Law and Development’s inception with an overwhelming sense of pride as well as a twinge of sadness, for thi  ...Read More

By: Meghana Sharafudeen | | International Law

70th Anniversary of The GATT: Stalin, The Marshall Plan, and the Provisional Application of the GATT 1947

30 October 1947 marks the 70th anniversary of the conclusion of the negotiations for a “General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade” which became the corn  ...Read More

By: Roy Santana | | Civil

A ‘Heated’ Debate - The WTO’s Climate Question

The exponential growth in international trade in the past few decades brought with it prosperity and a new gamut of problems  ...Read More

By: Ali Amerjee And Nakul Nayak | | Commercial

A Balancing Act: Using WTO Dispute Settlement to Resolve Regional Trade Agreement Disputes

This note outlines a proposal for creating and maintaining a strong and balanced international trade law framework. The author argues that the instit  ...Read More

By: Felicity Hammond | | International Law

A Bittersweet Celebration

It may seem paradoxical to begin this Special Issue with an apology. Indeed, this Special Issue celebrates five years of Trade, Law and Development’s  ...Read More

By: Shashank P. Kumar, Meghana Sharafudeen And Yogesh Pai | | International Law

A Comparative Review of David Gantz, Regional Trade Agreements: Law, Policy and Practice (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2009)

From the close of the Second World War until the mid-1980s, international trade liberalization efforts tended to focus more heavily on sweeping multi  ...Read More

By: Raj Bhala, Matt Odom, Ben Sharp | | International Law

A Legal Perspective on Digital Trade: Keeping the Internet Neutral

The issue of internet neutrality, while a subject of heated debate in developed countries across the world, has more recently become a matter of inte  ...Read More

By: Tvisha Shroff And Katrin Kuhlmann | | Civil
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