Source: Indian Journal of International Economic Law Results: 35

A Competition Act By India, For India - The First Three Years Of Enforcement Under The New Competition Act

In 2002, India unveiled its new Competition Act. The Act substantially improves upon the previous competition regime, which regulated and condemned  ...Read More

By: Dorothy Shapiro | | Competition / Antitrust

A Development Reading of India’s Cases in the World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements contain certain distinct provisions for developing countries called Special and Differential Treatment  ...Read More

By: Dr. Pallavi Kishore | | International Law

A New Liability Regime for the Space Sector – An Economic Imperative

It is not always easy to establish liability pursuant to international law of outer space, yet damages in the space sector can be considerable  ...Read More

By: Lotta Viikari | | International Law

An Agenda For Teaching International Economic Law In Indian Law Schools

At this time of India’s ongoing ‘Great Transformation,’ legal educators and researchers in India need to pay greater attention to international econo  ...Read More

By: Seema Sapra | | International Law

Anti-dumping Agreements and Exhaustion of Local Remedies

Article VI of the GATT, 1947, for the first time, sought to standardize national anti-dumping laws by reference to international standards  ...Read More

By: Dr. A Jayagovind | | International Law

Are TRIPS-Plus FTAs eating up all the good there is

With the adoption of TRIPS Agreement in 1994 emerged an unprecedented international legal regime of global IP protection  ...Read More

By: Ishupal Kang | | International Law

Article 102 and High Technology Industries - The Impact of The European Microsoft and Intel Cases

High technology industries have frequently come under scrutiny by competition authorities, and the computer software and hardware industries are no  ...Read More

By: Michael Reynolds And Michelle Chowdhury | | International Law

Assessing The Impact Of The Extraterritorial Provisions Of The European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (emir) On Emerging Economies’ Otc Derivatives Markets - A Doctrine Of Proportionality Perspective Challenges And Unresolved Issues

The enactment of extraterritorial national legislation has traditionally elicited debate on its legitimacy, efficacy and enforceability  ...Read More

By: Jeremmy Okonjo | | International Law

Can The West Justify Its Sanctions Against Russia Under The World Trade Law

The United States as well as several European Nation’s government in March 2014 declared that the actions and policies of deploying the military fo  ...Read More

By: Rishika Lekhadia | | International Law

Comparative Legal Cultural Analyses Of International Economic Law: Insights, Lessons And Approaches

The effective development and operation of the law faces many obstacles. Among the more intractable but hidden barriers are legal cultural disconnect  ...Read More

By: Colin Picker | | International Law
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