Bio-medical Waste: Rampant Mismanagement, Lackadaisical Implementation Of Legislations, Flouting Of Constitutional Rights, Solutions To Tackle Effects On Ecology And Health - The Indian Scenario

The objective of this paper is to provide a detailed study of the adverse effects of rampant mismanagement of Bio-Medical Waste2 across hospitals in  ...Read More

By: Subornadeep Bhattacharjee | | Environment

Biopiracy: Myth Or Reality?

“Biopiracy” is a term used to describe the appropriation of traditional knowledge of native communities regarding the beneficial uses of local geneti  ...Read More

By: Urmika Vinay Tripathi | | Intellectual Property Rights

Book Review: "Unraveling the Nagoya Protocol: A Commentary on The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing to the Convention on Biological Diversity."

Access Benefit Sharing over genetic resources has been a contested issue with contradictory interests and contrasting narratives among the nations fo  ...Read More

By: Amrendra Kumar | | Civil

Book Review: Balancing Act With Unequal Scales

Eminent biodiversity activists, Kanchi Kohli and Shalini Bhutani have authored 'The Balancing" Act, Experiences with Access Benefit Sharing under Ind  ...Read More

By: Adithi Koushik And Priyadarshini Mishra | | Civil

Economic Analysis of Environmental Laws and Regulations

In the past century there has been a great deal of deliberation and research regarding the state of the environmental degradation which has been a st  ...Read More

By: Jashaswi Ghosh | | Environment

Enviro Evasion: Volks-What-Again?

With the headlines flashing the unprecedented and irreparable breach of trust between Volkswagen and its customers, somewhere a consequence more seve  ...Read More

By: Saumya Chaudhari | | Environment

Environment Courts In India: Improving Access To Justice

Environmental problems are polycentric and multidisciplinary. Across India, concern is mounting over an ever growing list of environmental problems.  ...Read More

By: Siddhanth Saxena And Shivam Narain | | Environment

Governing The Maze Of Distribution Against Priority Usage Of Water

Water is regarded as both an essential and scarce resource; hence a set of regulations was developed with regards to its usage and distribution. The  ...Read More

By: Amrita Sarkar | | Constitution

India's Groundwater Woes: Fights For Restoration & Remediation

Widespread contamination and ongoing depletion of underground water supplies in India, posing a profound challenge to the nation's food security and  ...Read More

By: Sayantani Sen And Meenakshi Mandal | | Environment

Maximum Sustainable Yield Vis-à-vis Precautionary Approach

The conservation of fisheries and marine resources has been increasingly emphasized in several national and international agreements in order to buil  ...Read More

By: Varsha Deiveegan | | Environment
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