Source: Indian Journal of Law Results: 22

An Internationally Unresolved Story: Rhyme of the Italian Marines

Man by his nature many other creatures has a habit of claiming the territory in which he dwells. Such claims do not just establish exclusivity over l  ...Read More

By: Pulkit Jain And Aditya Sharma | | Miscellaneous

Asylum And Refugee Protection In India

According to Article 1 of 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, "A refugee is person who, owing to well-founded fear of being persecute  ...Read More

By: Arzu Paul, Abhinav Sharma, Kunal Bakshi, Ojusya Joshi And Prerna Sharma | | Human Rights

Atrocities on Women and Childred in Conflict-Ridden Areas

According to Rebecca Brown, the director of global advocacy at the centre for reproductive rights: "due to the war strategy the women have suffered f  ...Read More

By: Madhumita Bose, Vasundhara Singh, Ishwar Gupta And Aisha Moonis | | Criminal

Choice of Law in International Commercial Arbitration

International commercial arbitration is a means for resolving the disputes that has arisen under the international commercial contracts. In mos of th  ...Read More

By: Dr. Vandana Singh And Misha Bahamani | | Arbitration

Convicting Offenders On Charges Of Sexual Violence During Armed Conflict

On 16th September, 2016, Amal Clooney appeared before the United Nations (UN) General Assembly along with Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was capture  ...Read More

By: Anju Anna John | | Civil

Difficult Questions: Obeying International Humanitarian Law in Modern Conflict

As long as armies have met in battle, there have been limits on soldiers' conduct in combat...Such rules and laws have been based not only on nationa  ...Read More

By: Frank Ledwidge | | Human Rights

Diplomatic Dealings With DAESH and the Like

Global terrorism is a threat to global peace and security which has now surpassed borders of nations and delved into culture, religion and personal b  ...Read More

By: Tanya Singh And Malay Srivastava | | International Law

Facets of State Sponsored Terrorism- The Questions Answered or the Answers Questioned?

Terrorism, politically motivated terrorism has been widely recognized today as one of the scourges of civilization. The frequency of terrorist acts,  ...Read More

By: Anirudha Chaudhary And Monika Saxena | | Civil

Foreign Awards In International Commercial Arbitration: Recognition, Enforcement And Challenges To An Award

International Commercial Arbitration is a form of arbitration which deals with cross-border commercial disputes. It is a mechanism for resolving disp  ...Read More

By: Suryansh Singh Kushwah, Shreyash Goyal And Neeral Jain | | Arbitration

International Commercial Courts And Commercial Arbitration: Competitors Or Partners?

The global commercial community in the last fifty years, has widely accepted arbitration as a widely accepted mechanism for resolving international c  ...Read More

By: Pragya And Vedant Kumar | | Arbitration
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