Journal: LEAD Journal Results: 122

‘Command without Control’: Are Market Mechanisms Capable of Delivering Ecological Integrity to Redd?

The maintenance of standing forests has the potential to mitigate vast releases of CO2 into the atmosphere. Thirty-six percent of the carbon added to  ...Read More

By: Simon West | | Environment

‘Redd’ at the Convergence of the Environment and Development Debates – International Incentives for National Action on Avoided Deforestation

Climate change, initially viewed as primarily an environmental concern, has become an extremely important and complex political, economic and develop  ...Read More

By: Philippa Venning | | Environment

‘Swa’-Jal-Dhara Or ‘Pay’-Jal-Dhara—Sector Reform And The Right To Drinking Water In Rajasthan And Maharashtra

Over the past two decades of neoliberal policy, the role of the state has been seriously challenged and reexamined across the world. The policy frame  ...Read More

By: Preeti Sukthanker | | Environment

‘Waste Not Want Not’- Sustainable Waste Management in Malta

The Maltese archipelago is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and comprises a number of islands. The main islands are Malta, Gozo and Co  ...Read More

By: Tilak Ginige, Natalie Sparks and Saviour Formosa | | Environment

A Decade of the Maharashtra Groundwater Legislation : Analysis of the Implementation Process

Norms of customary usage of common property resources have usually evolved under conditions of resource abundance. As population expands and resource  ...Read More

By: Sanjiv Phansalkar & Vivek Kher | | Environment

A Modern Approach To Water Management:the Unece Protocol On Water And Health

Even though most Europeans take clean water for granted nowadays, an estimated 140 million people, that is one person in seven, do not have access to  ...Read More

By: Francesca Bernardini | | Environment

A Paradigm Shift In Courts' View On Nature: The Atrato River And Amazon Basin Cases In Colombia

The ecocentric rights paradigm – also expressed as ‘rights of nature’– gains increasing traction at the national and international levels. While in s  ...Read More

By: Paola Villavicencio Calzadilla | | Environment

Aboriginal Determination: Native Title Claims And Barriers To Recognition

The right to self-determination of the Aboriginal peoples received a legal breakthrough with the Native Title Act 1993 that allowed for the emergence  ...Read More

By: Zia Akhtar | | Environment

Access and Benefit Sharing from the Indigenous Peoples’ Perspective: The TBGRI-kani ‘Model’

In 1987, a team of scientists was surveying the ethnobotanical knowledge of the Kani community in the Thiruvananthapuram forest in the southern part  ...Read More

By: C. R Bijoy | | Environment

Access To Plant Genetic Resources – Legal Questions For Material On Its Way Into The Multilateral System Of The Plant Treaty

The topic explored in this article is the ‘mutually supportiveness’ between the two ABS systems in international law concerning access to plant genet  ...Read More

By: Morten Walløe Tvedt | | Environment
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