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Securities law - GuIdance (Part III) - Derivatives

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By: | 11/28/2008 | COMMERCIAL

Securities Law _ Guidance (PART VIII) _ PORTFOLIO MANAGERS (FAQ)

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By: | 11/28/2008 | COMMERCIAL

A ‘heated’ Debate - The Wto’s Climate Question

The exponential growth in international trade in the past few decades brought with it prosperity and a new gamut of problems  ...Read More

By: Ali Amerjee And Nakul Nayak | | Commercial

Afcons Infrastructure Limited V. Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited And Anr.

India’s economic growth and prosperity has been on a steady rise over the last decade owing to rigorous policy changes thereby attracting higher leve  ...Read More

By: Sanjana Buch | | Commercial

An Overview Of Irish Competition Law

As a Member State of the European Union, competition law in Ireland is based on both the competition rules provided for in the EC Treaty and the Comp  ...Read More

By: Mr. Donogh Hardiman | 06/16/2009 | COMMERCIAL

Anti-dumping Law And The Treatment Of Non-market Economies

Anti-dumping law, contrary to popular belief, is not a recent development in the regulation of international trade. The earliest forms of anti-dumpin  ...Read More

By: Pallavi Gapinath | | Commercial

Anti-trust Facet Of Sport Broadcasting Controversy In India

The present article seeks to introduce a latent anti-trust facet in the ongoing Sport Broadcasting Controversy. The facet assumes significance as it  ...Read More

By: Mr. Kumar Vaibhaw | 06/04/2009 | COMMERCIAL

Assessment Of Dominance : Issues And Challenges Under The Indian Competition Act, 2002

Determination of dominance of an enterprise or group in the relevant market is a pre requisite to enquire into abuse thereof. India, in line with int  ...Read More

By: Mr. G.r. Bhatia | 06/16/2009 | COMMERCIAL

Australia's Radical Predatory Pricing Reforms: What Business Must Know

Radical changes to the Trade Practices Act have the potential to affect significantly, the ability of businesses to engage in vigorous price competit  ...Read More

By: Ms. Julie Clarke | 06/16/2009 | COMMERCIAL

Book Reviews

A review of, "Economic Liberalization : No Panacea", edited by Tariq Banuri, Oxford Clarendon Press, UK, (Price in India Rs. 360/-  ...Read More

By: Mr. Lawrence Surendra | | Commercial
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