Subject: Election Results: 8

A Constitutional Analysis Of The Restrictions On Prediction Of Voters' Preferences By The Media

'Exit Polls' rest on unstable constitutional tectonic plates eager to erupt without notice. It has equal and opposite forces, pulling at it, as its p  ...Read More

By: Amrita Vasudevan And Bhanu Pratap Singh Sambyal | | Election

Abhiram Singh Vs. Cd Comanche: A Constitutional Restrictions On Vote Bank Politics

As parties brace for assembly elections in seven states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat in 2017, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in on  ...Read More

By: Pareesh Virmani | 03/30/2017 | Election

Electoral Reforms

Democracy has not been a free gift for most of the present democratic nations including India. India earned its independence and democracy after a lo  ...Read More

By: Prashanti Upadhyay | 03/09/2016 | Election

Electoral Reforms: Legitimizing The Election Machinery And Revamping The Indian Political Scenario

In India, given the high levels of literacy and political consciousness, there has been a tremendous change in the voting pattern of the people. Sinc  ...Read More

By: Pallav Gupta And Dhruv Thakur | | Election

Exploring The Duality Of The Election Commission And The Scope Of Judicial Review

Recently, there has been a spate of litigation in cases of disqualification of members of parliament and legislative assemblies.  ...Read More

By: Sregurupriya Ayappan | | Election

Reforming Election Funding

The tremendous influence of money power especially black money on elections is one of the major evils associated with the electoral process. Urgent r  ...Read More

By: Namit Oberoi | | Election

Regulation Of Election Campaign Finance In India: Making Elections Truly Free And Fair

The essence of any democratic system is the healthy functioning of political parties and, consequently, free and fair elections. Conducting fair elec  ...Read More

By: Sidhant Chandalia And Anirudh Lekhi | | Election

The European Union And The Ambivalence Towards The Process Of European Integration

The European Union (EU) was established by the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 but its origins date back, in an unbroken line of institutional continuity,  ...Read More

By: Rostam J. Neuwirth | | Election
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