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A Conceptual And Legal Analysis On How Film Censorship Hampers The Freedom Of Artistic Expression

Freedom of artistic expression is the principle that an artist should be unrestrained by law or convention in the making of his or her art. All perso  ...Read More

By: Chandana Arval | | Media and Telecommunication

Addressing Net Neutrality Through The Lens Of Compelled Speech

Amongst all the recent debates about the need for regulation in various sectors, the issue of net neutrality has presented itself as one of the most  ...Read More

By: Kruthika N.s. | | Media and Telecommunication

Book Review: Democracy And Media Decadence (2013).by John Keane.cambridge University Press

This piece of writing attempts to review the book Democracy and Media Decadence authored by John Keane who is an eminent Professor of Politics at the  ...Read More

By: Vandana Bakshi | | Media and Telecommunication

Cancellation Of Telecom Licenses In The 2g Case: Claim For Indirect Expropriation?

This paper focuses on the repercussions of the controversial 2G judgment, which resulted in cancellation of licenses held by telecom companies. Aggre  ...Read More

By: Sanya Malhotra | | Media and Telecommunication

Comparative Advertising In India: Evolving A Regulatory Framework

The increasing role of advertising in the consumer goods market with multiple players has resulted in the phenomenon of comparative advertising, wher  ...Read More

By: Parth Gokhale and Shriyani Datta | | Media and Telecommunication

Content Regulations And Media: Indian Legal Perspective

The media and entertainment industry is on a constant growth at the global level, particularly with the advent of new mediums for distributions, back  ...Read More

By: Anant Sharma And Tushar Mudgil | 06/28/2019 | Media and Telecommunication

Cross-border Mergers In Light Of The Fallout Of The Bharti-mtn Deal

Mergers and acquisitions are increasingly being used and getting accepted by Indian business entities as a critical tool of business strategy. In rec  ...Read More

By: Esha Shekhar and Vasudha Sharma | | Media and Telecommunication

Current Legal Developments/issues Media Autonomy – Overdue or Premature ?

The increase in size and Complexity of Modern Government has resulted in a Commensurate increases in the number of institutions of Government, as als  ...Read More

By: Miss Malavika Jayaram | | Media and Telecommunication

Cyber Laws: Do They Hold Any Water?

Cyber Law is the domain which is intersection of technology, risk, and law. The IT Act 2000 has done a very good job at somewhat restricting the cybe  ...Read More

By: Varun Nair | | Media and Telecommunication

Cyber Squatting And Its Legal Position

Domain names are big business nowadays, for the past several years, domain names, the “real estate of the Internet,” have generated substantial retur  ...Read More

By: Sanchit Mehta | | Media and Telecommunication
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