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"surrogacy In Indian Legal Context - A Bliss Or Curse?"

Surrogacy is that topic which is in talks from the ancient times and is been known to almost every societies of the world. Surrogacy means to carry t  ...Read More

By: Mr. Aditya Mishra | | Miscellaneous

“Cancer" Synonym Of Corruption

“Corruption debases democracy, undermines rule of law, distorts market, stifles economic growth and denies many, their rightful share of economic res  ...Read More

By: Mr. Aniket Pandey | | Miscellaneous

“Japanese Crisis – The Future of Nuclear Industry”

Forget wind. Forget solar. Forget green energy. Japan’s nuclear disaster will only intensify the global race for cheap fossil fuels while most future  ...Read More

By: Mr. Aniket Pandey | | Miscellaneous

“The Road from Rio – How Far Have Traveled”

Man is perhaps the most selfish animal on earth , as long as he lives he lives on the mercy of nature and each activity of his is directed at exploit  ...Read More

By: Miss Monika Saroha | 09/15/2005 | MISCELLANEOUS

21st Century - Nuclear War or Gandhism?

The 20th Cenrury has witnessed two things: Gandhi's non-violence and nuclear weapons. Which one will the 21st century choose and why?  ...Read More

By: Mr. G. Natraj | | Miscellaneous

A Bill that strengthens the Sovereignty of India

Indian constitution clearly states that sovereignty of our country lies in the hands of people. On 12 Oct. 2005, this powerful statement regained its  ...Read More

By: Mr. Deeptanshu Singh | | Miscellaneous

A Bio-political Perspective On Intersexuality And Disability In Discourses Of Law

Intersexuality and disability are disparate identity categories. In mainstream social discourses, however, these two identities are often confused to  ...Read More

By: Arpita Das | | Miscellaneous

A Case For Enacting Adequate Sports Legislation Through An Analysis Of The Legal Debacle Of The 2010 Common Wealth Games

In this paper I argue that the lack the sports legislation in the country was one of the reasons behind the Commonwealth Games organizational fiasco.  ...Read More

By: Shan Kohli | | Miscellaneous

A Comment on Baldev Singh & Others v. State of Punjab

When an accused has been found guilty of an offence, the million dollar question that faces the judge is that of the appropriate sentence which is to  ...Read More

By: Preetha S | | Miscellaneous

A Comparative Study Of The Application Of Strict Liability Principles In Sports: Critiquing Anti-doping Policies; Examining ‘illicit Crowd Chanting’ And Match Fixing

Sports are an integral part of our lives and are constantly looked at for encouraging the values of competition, integrity and team work in our lives  ...Read More

By: Shivankar Sharma And Pranav Menon | | Miscellaneous
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