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Unraveling the myth of meritocracy-who really gets what they deserve?

This article explores the meaning of meritocracy, the attractive features and the dangers that have been attached to this concept. It aimed to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary aspects of....

Author: Khushi Mishra   |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Articles by Students)

Related Party Transactions: Aspects of Good Governance

A related-party transaction is a deal or arrangement between two parties who are joined by a preexisting business relationship or common interest.With Related Party Transactions there arises an immine....

Author: Soniya Dodeja and Risha Roy   |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Articles by Students)

Accused is not competent to tender affidavit by way of evidence in Section 138 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 proceedings

Author: TCL The Chambers of Law   |  Subject: Banking |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Rajasthan Cylinders Containers Ltd. V. Union of India & Ors., 2018: A New Competition Jurisprudence, The Landmark Judgment of Parallel Pricing In Oligopoly

Where on one end, the economic practices have taken a new course in the free play market by liberalization in this contemporary era, the other side of coin is still dreary and dry by restricting these....

Author: Pranay Bhattacharya   |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

The Provisions Of The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code 2016 Would Have An Over­-Riding Effect Over The Tea Act, 1953 And That No Prior Consent Of The Central Government Before Initiation Of The Proceedings Under Section 7 Or Section 9 Of The IBC Would Be Required

Author: TCL The Chambers of Law   |  Subject: Insolvency |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Interstate Water Dispute and its Constitutional Framework

This research article explores the idea behind the framing of a special tribunal for the adjudication of water disputes. It begins with an overview of the concept behind the framing of article 262 and....

Author: Rajeev Dadhich   |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Articles by Students)

Critical analysis of the statement: Handcuffs provide the best possible deterrent. The only effective sanction in Competition Law is imprisonment

Criminal sanctions under competition law can be traced all the way back to the enactment of the Sherman Act in 1890 in the United States [US]. In fact, Canada`s, criminal antitrust law has existed eve....

Author: Riya Popat   |  Subject: International Law |  (Articles by Students)

Hotel cannot take shelter of “owner’s risk” clause in valet parking to avoid liablity caused by theft.

Author: TCL The Chambers of Law   |  Subject: Contract |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Right to be Forgotten: A Weapon to Fight the Perfect Memory of the Internet

The ability of others to forgive and forget one's mistakes is essential for the growth and development of a human being since humans live in a community where reputation is an integral facet of human ....

Author: Manmeet Kaur Sareen and Kanika Kalra   |  Subject: Constitution |  (Articles by Students)

A certificate of registration of marriage and not a registered contract of marriage is a valid proof of marriage

Author: TCL The Chambers of Law   |  Subject: Family Law |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)