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Default/ Statutory/ Compulsory Bail: A Primer

The present Article focuses on the aspect of “bail in default”, in terms of the provision of section 167 of Code of Criminal Code, 1973 and is an attempt to encapsulate various aspects related and anc....

Author: Dhruv Gupta   |  Subject: Criminal |  (Articles by Professionals)

Quarterly Update - PE & VC (06 December 2019)

Author: Economics Law Practise   |  Subject: Commercial |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Tax Newsletter (04 August 2020)

Author: Economics Law Practise   |  Subject: Direct Taxation |  (Alerts, Press Releases, Insights)

Corporate Governance Conundrum in India with Respect to Excessive Director Remuneration

The excessive director remuneration should be read with performance. “Directors as officers of companies and the team collectively known as board of directors are responsible for the management and go....

Author: Jeffy Johnson   |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Articles by Students)

CCI orders investigation against Amazon and Flipkart (17 January 2020)

Author: Economics Law Practise   |  Subject: Competition / Antitrust |  (Alerts, Press Releases, Insights)

Undertaking of Charitable Activities not Mandatory for New Trust Prior to Seeking Tax Exemption Under the Income Tax Act,1961

Author: Lex Counsel   |  Subject: Direct Taxation |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Burial Rights in Light of Covid-19

The onset of the Corona virus has brought the world to its toes. Unprecedented, most nation states w....

Author: Suryansh Srivastava and Isha Gangwal   |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Articles by Students)

Ministry’s Endeavors to Regulate the Unregulated Online Content

The rise in demand of the OTT platform, during the pandemic,has revived the concerns for the Ministr....

Author: Shrishti Agnihotri   |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Articles by Students)

Competition Law & Policy Update - Volume 2 of 2019 (21 April 2019)

Author: Economics Law Practise   |  Subject: Competition / Antitrust |  (Newsletters from Law Firms)

Takeover Code Amended (16 June 2020)

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