Subject: Administrative Law Results: 16

A Comment On Baldev Singh & Others V. State Of Punjab

When an accused has been found guilty of an offence, the million dollar question that faces the judge is that of the appropriate sentence which is to  ...Read More

By: Preetha S | | Administrative Law

A Comment On Bhupinder Singh V. U.t. Of Chandigarh

Andrew Ashworth and Jeremy Horder in Principles of Criminal Law have pointed that it is the duty of the legislature to see that the offences are sub-  ...Read More

By: Kunal Shah | 06/23/2015 | Administrative Law

A Global Administrative Law Approach To Regulating Transnational Corporations With Respect To Human Rights Violations In Developing Countries

The problem that is sought to be addressed herein is the issue of transnational corporations ("TNCs") slipping through the gaps of human rights regul  ...Read More

By: Akshaya Kamalnaath | | Administrative Law

Administrative Litigation In China: Parties And Their Rights And Obligations

The rights and obligations of the parties involved in an administrative litigation in China are important for realizing the targets, to protect the i  ...Read More

By: LIU Jianlong | | Administrative Law

Analyzing The Implications Of Water Privatization: Reorienting The Misplaced Debate

The recent public outcry against the Delhi Jal Board’s proposed publicprivate partnership model has rekindled the contentious debate around water pri  ...Read More

By: Pankti Vora, Maneka Khanna And Arthad Kurlekar | | Administrative Law

Growth Of Administrative Law In India

The history shows that man has always appealed to something higher than that which is his own creation. In jurisprudence, Romans call it ‘jus natural  ...Read More

By: Mrinalini Singh | | Administrative Law

Lawful Objects And Considerations Under Section 23 Of Indian Contract Act 1872 – An Analysis

Section 23 of Indian Contract Act 1872 deals with lawful objects and consideration and the said Section is reproduced below for ready reference  ...Read More

By: B.v.r. Sarma, Senior Law Officer, Vpt (retd.) & Advocate, Visakhapatnam | 02/17/2014 | Administrative Law

Objection After Full & Final Payment

In day –today business affairs, we have to deal with the payment of bills on almost regular basis  ...Read More

By: Ambrish Tiwari | 08/06/2015 | Administrative Law

Policing the Nation in the 21st Century : An Appraisal of the Proposed Reforms

The subject matter of this paper deals with the status of police reforms being implemented in India. The issue has been addressed in a number of Supr  ...Read More

By: Mriganka Shekhar Dutta and Marico Baruah | | Administrative Law

Privacy And The National Identification Authority Of Indiabill: Leaving Much To The Imagination

The National Identification Authority of India Bill (‘the Bill’) leaves many things unsaid. It has delegated most key areas relating to the instituti  ...Read More

By: Amba Uttara Kak and Swati Malik | | Administrative Law
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