Authority Check Interactive Timeline

The Interactive Timeline/ Authority Check shows how many times the subject case has been cited in various courts along with the date of decision of the most recent cite. This does not show if the case is good law or bad law. This gives you ready link to the cases where the subject case has been cited. Once you find a useful case, this feature can help you find other similar cases. The Interactive Timeline/Authority Check only shows results from our database.

About the feature:

  • Vertical Axis displays list of Courts viz. Supreme Court, Selected High Courts and Other High Courts in 'Others' category.
  • Horizontal Axis displays year range in which case has been further cited.
  • By rolling and holding mouse over a bubble, one can view extract of the case and no. of times it has been cited further.
  • Citation Summary shows how many times case has been cited, in total and separately in Supreme Court and High Courts, respectively