Search Results

  • Filters: Filters on manupatra give you the ability to quickly focus on the documents that are most important to you. Using filters, you can narrow a search result list by jurisdiction key words, judges name, acts referred etc. When you run a search query, the results are automatically clustered under various heads such as Court, Document Type, Subject, Judge, Ministry, Period etc. making navigation easy for the user.
  • Sort and re-sort resultsYou can Sort and re-sort results on Relevance, decision date, title of case and court name.
  • Add to Session List allows to save documents for the current session to view, print or email directly from the session list
  • Display results provides you with options to choose to view your result with Excerpts and Case Note
  • Timeline: Timeline Graph gives a pictorial depiction of the results, giving a quick preview of how the search results are spread across various years.
  • Toggle view: Toggle view provides for viewing hit list and document in same pane, thus making browsing easier and faster.
  • View document in new window allows ease in browsing by allowing you to open documents in different windows.
  • Save Search allows you to save your searches for future reference. You can give the search result a name by which you may recognize the search at a future date.
    • You can MANAGE the saved searches by selecting the search you want to run from the list
    • You can delete or rename the selected search
  • Search in results allows unlimited nesting option. You may narrow down the results by searching only in the results. Check the search in results button, input your query in the search box and click on Refine
  • Authority Check provides for an interactive timeline which identifies later-citing cases. It makes it easy to pick out the best cases from a large collection of results by displaying cases in an intuitive graphical format. Vertical Axis displays list of Courts and the Horizontal Axis displays year range in which case has been further cited.
    • By rolling and holding mouse over a bubble, one can view extract of the case and no. of times it has been cited in future.
    • Citation Summary shows how many times case has been cited, in total and separately in Supreme Court and High Courts respectively


Overruled Flag indicates that the subject case law has been overruled.

Manu Instant

This gives a quick bird’s eye view on editorial enhancements The user can read essential fields like Case Note (based on which a user may decide to read the full text), cases referred with appropriate context of reference, equivalent citations etc.

  • To see Manu Instant take the mouse over the results, a blue colour double arrow icon will appear . Click on the icon to see the value adds instantly.
  • To close Manu Instant click on the cross button appearing on the left side of Manu Instant window.
  • One can also take a print of the details as available in the Manu Instant window.

See All Manu Instant – Allows you to view the editorial enhancements for all the results displayed on the page.

Query Definition

This feature helps the user to see the definition of the query words / phrases.

To see the Query Definition, you can move the mouse on the symbol Which is appearing next to search
A popup will appear with the dictionary meaning.

List of Refine words who used the same Query

When you do Manu search, below text will appear with search term and there is an icon () next to it, so once you click on that icon It will give you list of refine words used by other people who did the same query. You may refine your search from the list appearing. This feature is only available in Manu Search.

People who searched for Child Custody also refined their search with

Manage Search Option

To access your saved searches, go to Manage Search on My Home page

Click on Manage Search, you can view all the searches saved.
Select the search you want to run from the list

Select court option in Legal Search

While doing search on advance search in legal search, You can select courts to search in only Indian Courts or International Courts by making a selection from the Table of Contents. By default (court filter is unchecked) it will show results from both Indian and International Courts.

Session List

This Allows you to add documents to your Session list. Valid only for current session duration, the session list ceases to exist once you sign off from the current session.
Click on the Add to session list link appearing against each document.
This helps you to re-search and collate short listed documents for analysing them.
You can access the session list from the top menu bar.

The session list appears as follows. You may View the documents by clicking on it, you can also Email, Save and Print the document.