Alerts & Updates

Manupatra Alerts & Updates are available, to keep you on top of the latest happenings.

Manu Clip
Manu Clip icon is available on your personalized home page. Manu Clip allows you to monitor updates on Notifications and Judgments without actually searching for them. Your results are conveniently delivered to your personalized ‘manu clip’ page which is unique to your sign in.

  • You can see all the judgments/notifications updates on one single page.
  • Get the judgments/notifications instant on selected Subject/Ministry, no need to subscribe it separately.
  • Manage the placement of Judgment/ Notifications as per your wish. You can also move/remove the tabs if you do not wish to see it.

To set your preferences

  • Select Subject on which you wish to view the judgments
  • Select Notification subject (ministry for which you wish to view the notifications)
  • Select days ( past number of days for which you wish to view the selected information)
  • Click on Save Display Settings
  • You can change your preferences any number of times
  • Once you save your display settings the updates will be delivered to your Manuclip page as per your preferences.

Search Alert Feature
Search Alert Feature Allows you to set alert for your Searches. To access your Search Alert Feature, go to Manage Search on My Home page

  • Click on link for the Search Name you wish to set an alert for. Select the number of Expiry Days ( this is number of days for which you wish to receive Alerts for the subject search query). Click on [under Edit option]. Then click on to initiate the Alert.
  • You can Disable the Alert at any point of time by clicking on box against the Search Name.
  • You can set upto 10 alerts from your saved searches.

  • In each alert you can add upto maximum of 2 emails separated by comma e.g. (,
  • Once the Alert is successfully Enabled, you will start receiving the Alerts on your registered email id as and when any judgment is uploaded on which contains your search query for which you have set the Alert. The email intimation will contain details of the document which you can access by Signing on to

Chrome Alert
Desktop Alert on Chrome service is a complimentary service from Manupatra designed to help you stay connected with snapshots of legal events on all working days. It is a rich internet application that resides on your chrome browser and is managed by the server component of our platform.


  • Manupatra will alert you on important Caselaws, Notifications, Statutes, News, etc., through crisp summaries.
  • Does not interfere with your work. Alert remains in your Browser.