Manu Search

This interface gives you the single search box experience and assists you to search for key words, phrases, multiple phrases and more. You can perform Boolean search using Manu Search.

Simply type in your query and the search engine uses back end algorithms to give results based on relevancy. The results can be sorted on Decision Date; Title; Court Name and Relevance.

Selection of Database

  • By default the search is done on ‘All documents’. All documents means the entire Manupatra database.

  • If you wish to restrict your search to any database(s), check the box next to relevant database(s).
  • ‘All documents’ button cannot be unchecked. But if you select a database(s) the search will be done on selected database(s).
  • Matches the words in your search with the words contained in the database.
  • It does not search for exact matches only. It checks for alternate spellings. If you check the ‘Synonym’ box, it automatically searches for synonyms.
  • Does not search for very common words (eg. of, to, the).
  • Is not case sensitive. (It searches for either upper case or lower-case letters.)
  • Every search box supports “terms and connectors” functionality.
  • For using AND and OR select from the drop down menu. If you enter words without using connectors or selecting And / Or, Manupatra will try and look for documents that match all the words and will display them and if none is found, it will look for documents that match any of the keywords. This is ‘Auto’ default option.