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Legislative Timeline – Lifecycle of an Act

Change is the only constant and there’s no better example of this than Indian laws. Our laws are constantly evolving and hence have multiple amendments. In fact, some Acts have been amended so many times, that keeping a track of all the amendments looks like a mammoth task. And, this is exactly why we are introducing this new feature named Legislative Timeline.

With the help of Legislative Timeline, one can easily checkout all the amendments of a particular Act.


Placed in:   Central Bare Acts - beside the parent Acts

Data Covered:   Updated in approximately 95 Central Bare Acts (sheet of Acts attached)

Information which is readily available in Legislative Timeline is:

  • Name of the Amending Act
  • Date of enactment
  • Number of Section inserted, amended and omitted through said amendment
  • Linking to the complete amendment Act
  • Any other relevant information related to particular amending Act, if any available.