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Special Leave Petition [SLP] Status of Judgment

What is Special Leave Petition (SLP)?
Under this, the aggrieved party is provided a special permission to be heard in Apex Court, in appeal against the order or judgment of any court or tribunal in the territory of India, when any substantial question of law is involved or gross injustice has been done.


  • This feature enables the users to know whether the SLP status is pending/disposed off for a Judgment.
  • The status appears in Judgments where the SLP was issued.
  • All the orders related to the particular SLP are listed in one place.

How it works:

  • When you make a search on Manupatra, in Judgments where SLP is pending/disposed off, this icon will appear
    • Green Icon denotes that SLP status is disposed off.
    • Red Icon denotes SLP status is pending.
  • Once you open the Judgment the SLP status can be checked from the set of icons on the top right corner of the Judgment.
  • Once you click on the icon, it will pop up a window prompting captcha, and after successful captcha it will show the SLP is Pending/Disposed Off with which SLP number.
  • Once you click on the SLP no, all orders related to that SLP are listed.
  • All the orders are hyperlinked and you can read the full text of the orders by clicking on the Manu Id.

Screen Shot